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From Pandemic to Progress

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

It is November 23rd as I sit here thinking how absolutely crazy it is that we have been living through this global pandemic since March. SO many things have changed and lives taken. One way or another, this virus has impacted every person on Earth.

As I said in my previous blog post, I have experienced a lot of positive life-changing situations this year. I refuse to let the pandemic get the best of me, my business and my clients. I refuse to allow this terrible virus to rule over things that we CAN control. We can still control SO much. Obviously, one of my expertise is this.... movement.

Last week was a pity party for me. Our power went out for 2 days (which affects my business), medical bills came through, and worst of all, my SIBO symptoms came back after two months of being symptom-free. I was mentally and physically exhausted. After an entire week of eating clean and trying to de-bloat, Friday rolled around and I felt like giving up. But, Friday provided me so much more than just this pity. I trained 6 people and each person came to me with a success that we have worked SO hard at accomplishing.

Here was my Friday:

6:00 AM: Virtual Session with Cindy, 54.

Cindy trains with me 3 times a week and has seen impressive results. She began training around the time she fell down the stairs and broke her wrist. We have worked diligently on healing, being able to use her body weight to support herself and eventually lift additional weight. She has also struggled with frozen shoulder due to her job styling hair. Today, she has absolutely no pain in her wrist and is able to use her hands in planks and other challenging tasks! Her frozen shoulder is not only mobile, but we've recently hit a milestone by lifting 15lb dumbbells overhead for multiple reps. Her progress is a constant reminder that any set back is JUST that. If one works hard enough with the right programming, you can not only heal from injuries but come out on top stronger!

Below Is a photo of Cindy and I training. Cindy is doing heavy Arnold Presses; a huge milestone considering where we started (7.5lbs!). She also has full range to lift overhead where as a year ago she struggled to reach her hand behind her head (limited range of motion).

10:30 AM: My second virtual session of the day, age 65.

My client went to her routine doctor appointment before our session and they did the In-body. The In-body shows your muscle mass, body fat%, weight, and much more. It is a great tool to use to track progress with physique and body composition goals. This client has been working very hard to bring her body fat % down since starting with me. This summer she has been lifting weights with me virtually as well as going on daily walks. Below are her results from 1 year ago to current. She has lost 10 lbs, gained almost 3 lbs of muscle and lost 9% body fat in ONE year. ONE!!!!

The In-body shows that she has gained muscle while losing fat. You can only gain muscle by doing one thing.... weight lifting! I am so proud of her determination to continue working out even through a pandemic.

12:00 PM: In person session with Amy, age 44.

Amy and I have been training together for a long time. She stopped training when gyms shut down as she had no gym equipment at home. Amy decided at the end of August, she had to get back into her routine. She started training with me at my home gym and bounced back SO quickly. She checks her body fat and muscle mass at least once a month and is so happy how quickly she has seen results. Today, we discussed these achievements and the numbers and reflected on how she not only looks, but feels. Amy states:

"Amanda helped ease my fears of returning to strength training after months of zero activity. In just one month, I reduced my PBF from 19.4 to 18.7 (when my previous all time low was 18.6). Another month later, I look and feel my personal best ever (PBF of 17.9). I credit the results to Amanda's personal training program, her nutritional tips, and her spirit and mental encouragement. I used to workout because I knew I had to do it, whereas now I am going because I want to do it. It is such a significant difference! I am a confident, stronger woman both inside and out as a result of Amanda's expertise and guidance."

2:00 PM: 30 minute virtual session with Janet.

Janet and I have been focusing primarily on strength, mobility and stability in her sessions. She came to me with a weight loss goal AND wanting to set herself up for an easy path to aging. She knew that strong muscles meant less injury and more energy! We have also been incorporating minor diet tweeks. Each week, Janet sees one pound fall off. Below is a picture of her weight coming off. These trends and results are amazing because it is a CONTINUOUS decline. She's told me how amazing the simple diet changes to focus on protein and fat has helped her not feel deprived as she's losing weight!

2:30 PM: I received a phone call from my client, Michelle.

Michelle was on cloud 9.. she had gone to her dress fitting for her daughters wedding. She's had this appointment for months and was so nervous for this day to come. While on the phone, she sent me pictures. Not only did the dress fit like a glove, but Michelle was stunning. She was glowing and never looked happier or felt more beautiful. She never thought that by the time the wedding rolls around...she may need to take the dress IN! Michelle states:

"Amanda hits a home run every time with all of my goals ! The first was my son’s wedding in August during the pandemic ! The Mother of the Groom Dress was my goal ! I never felt so beautiful as the day I walked down the aisle on August 1, 2020 at my son’s wedding! The second was my daughters wedding in June 26, 2021 / the mother of the Bride The dress just came in and the feeling was incredible when I put on the dress and it fit perfectly ! I was so happy and all the hard work paid off when I put the dress on! Supervise your life, Supervision means Super- Vision. Amanda develops a vision of Broadened horizons, deeper perspectives and neither jumps to conclusions, nor jumps to judgements impulsively without a 360 degree view! Amanda has Soulful Eyes! On February 19, 2021 will be 2 years training and I am so proud of the weight loss & body fat but most of all I feel so STRONG !"

2:45 PM: Virtual session with my last client of the day, age 25.

This clients' story is a special one; she came to me with no goals but to move her body more through the pandemic. She began training with her mom this summer and fell in love with the routine and consistency working out provided her. She decided moving back home she would continue training. This is a success in itself. From not touching weights or having a strength training routine in the past, this client has not only benefited from gaining strength but she LOOKS strong, lean, and confident.

There you have it... my Friday. I left my desk that day with a completely different attitude; a different mind set. No matter where I am at personally, I know I have the ABILITY to change lives DAILY and that is what I show up for.

And just think... this was just a Friday. I do, see, train, live this life every single day.

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