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How To Host A Healthy Easter Brunch

It's no secret that I love hosting. My favorite part of hosting parties is the prep work. Honestly... I love cleaning the house (or having Mike clean the house ;)) and creating the menu for the theme. I love being in the kitchen an hour before the party getting everything ready. The food display and decorations throughout the house are so fulfilling to create. It's probably the only creative bone I have in my body.

I'm at this age where it's not possible to host huge family gatherings for holidays. Our house would be uncomfortably small, I don't have the experience cooking large proteins, and have no toys for young kids to play with for entertainment. However, last year we hosted 8 friends for Easter brunch, and my heart exploded. I cooked all the classic brunch favorites from scrambled eggs to waffles. Everyone had a take-home mimosa flute and I had made cute name tags for the place settings.

Although this year I don't think we're hosting (it's our last Easter living in Michigan, so family time it is!), I have been making spring-time recipes that you could make for your Easter brunch gathering!

When I host, I always offer healthy alternatives. It shocks me, but it's normally these foods that we never have leftovers of! I love providing alternatives because many times people go "off the bandwagon" at parties or while being social. But if you knew you had options to chose gluten free bread or egg whites, then you may be able to enjoy and actually be present during the party. Anxiety tends to creep in around food and drinks for people who are trying to lose weight or are committed to a health goal. So taking measures to provide other alternatives really makes a difference in everyone's food health journey.

Healthy Swaps

Below is a list of brunch items that could either be replaced or offered "in addition to" your normal items:


Scrambled eggs

Egg whites

White toast

Gluten free toast; Whole grain toast

Sausage; Bacon

Chicken sausage; Turkey bacon

Cream cheese; Cheese; Butter

Vegan cream cheese; Dairy free cheese; Grass fed butter; Ghee


Fruit preserves; Homemade mashed jam

Buttermilk pancakes

Protein pancakes; Grain free pancakes; Kodiak cakes

Fruit salad

Mixed berries

Yogurt parfaits; Granola toppings

Sugar free yogurt; Greek yogurt; nut mix as topping

Scallop potatoes; Cheesy potatoes

Baby roasted potatoes; Mashed cauliflower

Orange Juice, Green juice, Sweet tea

Unsweet tea, Trop50 Orange juice, homemade green smoothies

Healthy Brunch Inspo

Last year, we hosted my friends for Easter brunch! All of these friends are fellow trainers, so they appreciated some of the healthier alternatives provided. Here are some photos to inspire you!

Table setting ft. Easter egg name tags, take-home mimosa flutes and all white plates+bowls

Photo of my brunch: spring salad, charcuterie with vegan cheeses,

egg whites, salmon topped cucumber bites, and smashed avocado

Derek's birthday! Chelsea's homemade birthday cake and Detroit Cookie Co cookies

Healthy brunch spread! Scrambled egg and scrambled egg whites, bacon and turkey bacon, guacamole, sugar free jam, and Vegan quest dips, charcuterie spread with regular and vegan cheeses, salmon cucumber bites, whole grain bread and gluten free bread

My favorite girls! Missing one (Emily C)

Healthy Easter Recipes

Now it's your turn!

Below are fun spring recipes to level up your Easter brunch this year! In this collection, you'll find light salads, yummy spring appetizers, and other fun recipes!

Salmon Cucumber Bites: Perfect finger food to serve before the main meal. Salmon is high in omega-3 fatty acids, an essential fat we don't make in our bodies but must consume.

Vegan Spinach Artichoke Dip: A staple at parties! This dip is made vegan so all can consume it without hesitation! If you aren't vegan, it's worth trying cheeses made from nuts or coconut. Many people don't tolerate dairy as well as other alternatives so this may make your gut feel better.

Simple Shrimp Salad: This salad is extremely clean and easy to make! It doesn't require tons of ingredients. Often times while hosting, people like to add a simple side salad to their meal for extra greens. This one has the added benefit of shrimp protein! Your guests can always pick around the shrimp if they decide to just eat the greens.

Cabbage Slaw: Another easy staple! This salad requires no cooking on your part; simply toss the ingredients together and serve as a side! It's a bit creamier than other salads listed here and I'd recommend offering this if you don't have any creamy options on the menu. Cabbage and carrots are full of fiber and will fill you up without packing in tons of calories and excess fat.

Egg Salad Wraps: Easy to simply make egg salad or add into a wrap. I love this healthier version of a classic recipe. I use vegan mayo as an alternative because the fat is made from avocado. I also use a 4:1 ratio of egg whites and full egg. Just be sure to double, or triple the recipe when serving guests! This will go, fast!

Lobster Bisque: Another healthier version to your traditional lobster bisque; this recipe is completely dairy free! Be sure to make a few batches of this because it's extremely delicious and it will go QUICK!

Sugar Free Lemon Bars: These bars are completely sugar free and gluten free so any guest will enjoy them! I replaced sugar with monk fruit from Lankato . You can find Lankato products at Whole Foods or order them online; it's a great staple to keep in your cupboards.

Add Activity To Your Day

The next step to leveling up your hosting game is to add in some **fun** movement. Typically, eating a big meal isn't going to mess up your progress. What messes up your progress (fat loss, performance goals, you name it) is grazing. We typically graze before and even after our meals. Food is everywhere in sight so it is easy to do! One of the best ways to eliminate this temptation is add in some sort of activity. Here is a list of ideas you can do on Easter with both big and small groups:

  • Easter egg hunt! Have all the kids search for Easter eggs outside and whoever finds the most eggs gets a special prize! After the kids hunt, host an adult Easter egg hunt with lottery tickets or small items inside.

  • Family walk. Have the entire family go out for a nice long walk post-meal. This will help with digestion and soaking up vitamin D!

  • Host "yard games" like fowling, corn hole, water balloon tosses, or egg-on-a-spoon!

5 mile walk post Easter brunch 2021

I hope you have a safe, healthy and happy Easter holiday! From Fit + Fearless Training

List of PDF Recipes

Salmon Cucumber Bites
Download PDF • 6.20MB

Vegan Spinach Artichoke Dip
Download PDF • 4.56MB

Lobster Bisque
Download PDF • 1.22MB

Simple Shrimp Salad
Download PDF • 1.32MB

Egg Salad Wraps
Download PDF • 1.27MB

Sugar Free Lemon Bars
Download PDF • 2.60MB

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