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Steak Harvest Bowl

This dish was inspired by.... the season!

I love squash because of the versatility. You can spiralize it, dice and sauté it, bake it, grill it... you name it! In this recipe, I used spiraled butternut squash from Cece's Veggie Co. This brand makes using vegetables fun and easy to add in to your meals. I LOVE the spiraled zucchini and the squash fries, too!

I added apples into this dish to enhance the sweetness already used with the apple cider vinegar and the squash. We had so many fresh apples from our many cider mill trips. I personally love using Granny Smith, as its tartness makes a unique taste when cooked. It's also one of the most easily digested apples in terms of low FODMAP foods.

You can top this bowl with any protein but I love using steak because of its' additional fat content. The only fat source I use is the olive oil to cook with; therefore you may want to consider add. Steak also pairs very nicely with cooked apples.

Enjoy this fun, flavorful dish!

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