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Stuffed Peppers

Stuffed peppers are so easy to make, extremely filling and can be modified with your favorite ingredients. I love making this dish have a Mexican flare with the addition of salsa and black beans; but Mike has had them with a greek twist using olive oil and olives!

Below is my standard go-to recipe. I use specific brands for the following ingredients:

Butcher Box is used for the ground beef. I cannot describe to you what a game-changer butcher box has been for our household. We haven't bought meat for 1.5 years from a grocery store because of this service. Normally, I'd decline meal delivery services because I personally love to grocery shop. But, Butcher Box allows me to go into my portal and chose the meats and cuts I want for the month. Best part is, the beef is grass fed, the chicken is free range, and the pork is heritage pork. You're getting the best leanest cuts that have also been raised/lived in a sustainable happy environment.

Fody condiments are always used in my dishes because of the taste and the LOW FODMAP ingredients. For people with IBS or digestion trouble, Fody excludes onion and garlic in any of their seasonings, condiments, dressings, etc. Honestly, I wouldn't waste my money if it tasted bad or bland, but I am constantly blown away with how much I love their products. In this dish, I used the mild salsa and the taco seasoning. Mike doesn't even know the difference when I cook with their products!

Follow Your Heart vegan cheese is one of the closest "cheeze-like" brands that tastes like the real deal. People always ask me why I preach vegan cheese 80% of the time. This is because 68% of the world's population has some sort of lactose intolerance; resulting in poor digestion, upset stomach, bloating, constipation, and even acne! So if the ingredient list LOOKS good in a vegan substitute, I urge you to try it and see if you feel any different. You may find that it sits a lot better with you!

** A key thing to note, I don't always use this brand because majority of the ingredients are oil based and made with potato starch (real cheese has almost 0 carbs, where this has 8g of carbs per serving.. potato starch!). But for taste purposes, their dairy free parm tastes amazing with the stuffed peppers. So this is included in my "20%" of relaxed decisions.

There you have it! Below is the recipe; you can save the pdf as a photo in your phone.

Stuffed Peppers
Download PDF • 2.72MB

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