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Vegan Pumpkin Chili

This past weekend, we held our annual chili cook-off. It is a fun event that gets our friends and family together for some friendly competition. Essentially, there are 3 categories you could win; Best Overall, Most Unique, and Spiciest. I chose three judges at random to discuss, taste test, and fill our their scoring sheets to decide on the winners. In the past, my vegan pumpkin sweet potato chili takes home the most unique because of its delicious, compelling ingredients.

And if you were wondering, one person has taken home the gold for best overall chili the past 3 years. He gets the most fresh ingredients from Eastern Market on the day of the cook-off and he goes to work. Well earned!

I've given this recipe to many of my vegetarian friends who are looking for a delicious fall-forward hearty meal.

Pro Tip: Make this chili the day before you want to eat it then store it (should cook for 8 hours) in the fridge overnight. The next day, the pumpkin and sweet potatoes thicken up and it tastes EVEN better!

Our Chili Competitors:

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