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26 Things About Me

Hi fit fam! I thought my first blog post could be more about myself, who I am, and why I love what I do so much. June is my birthday month and this year I will be turning 26, so today you're going to learn 26 things about me!

1) I was born and raised in a small town, Zanesville Ohio, with one younger sister. If you know Zanesville, you understand how everyone knows everybody, farms are around every corner, the first day of hunting season is viewed as a holiday from school, and we all have some sort of Appalachian accent. I love my hometown and appreciate it so much for what it is, the friends it gave me and giving me my country roots.

2) I went to school at Miami University and graduated in 3.5 years with a Kinesiology degree, Health Promotion degree, and a minor in Nutrition. I was in many clubs and a sorority (ZTA!) that kept me social and had many jobs on campus working at the Ice Arena and as a Peer Health Educator.

3) I am engaged! My best friend in the entire world asked me to spend the rest of my life with him in November and we have been planning our wedding all year.

4) I was diagnosed with Type One Diabetes when I was 10 years old. I had to grow up very fast and learn how to give myself shots, count carbohydrates, check my blood sugar, and say bye-bye to birthday cake. I still take injections 4-5x a day and travel to Ohio every 3 months to see my doctor and get blood work done.

5) I was a cheerleader for 11 years; and a pretty good one at that. I could tumble, had beautiful jumps and was also on a competitive team for 2 years. Sometimes I wish I continued cheering in college.

6) I have been a runner for 11 years now. I started running freshman year of high school to cope with depression and the "runners high" has literally never left my body. When I started, I just ran down my street and back, probably no more than a mile. In college I ran 3 miles everyday. After college I started running 5-8 miles daily and since then I have completed 2 half marathons and other fun crazy distances.

7) My whole kid-life and adolescent years, I wanted nothing more than to be a Marine Biologist. I find aquatic life fascinating and am completely obsessed with fish, dolphins, and the ocean.

8) My favorite place in the world is the Outer Banks, North Carolina. I went every summer as a kid and still plan to carry that tradition with my own family.

9) If I was a superhero, well f that, if I was a villain... i'd be a pirate. Life on a boat, stealing treasure and drinking rum? sign me up.

10) The hardest thing i've ever gone through in my life is actually a series of events, but one I feel confident in talking about to strangers, is dealing with anorexia. My parents split up and I had a very difficult time with it, and began noticing that I could control my weight by not eating, literally anything, for 7 months. I was at a very low place in my life and needed extra help, love and support from counselors, my best friend, and my mom. I don't think anyone who goes through Anorexia actually 100% recovers, but I think that it has made me who I am today and i've learned so much about myself through this experience. I know what is triggering, I know what is fearful, and I try DAILY to challenge myself against these fears.

11) I will say this past tense because I currently am not drinking pop.... but I am OBSESSED with diet dr. pepper. Name a better beverage, I dare you.

12) Yes, okay the better beverage is wine. I love cabernet more than water. But, I know my limits :)

13) I AM A DOG MOM! My baby Stanley is a mini dachshund and he is the most spoiled 2 year old ever. I am so in love with this little boy is sickening.

14) I understand i have many passions in this world, but my one true purpose on Earth is to spread the Lords light. I have the biggest faith in Jesus and like to describe it as a personal relationship. He has helped me in my biggest, greatest hurdles in life and continues to guide me daily.

15) I LOVE nature. Give me the ocean, the woods, a mud pit, dry dessert.... ill find something beautiful about it and I wont want to leave.

16) With nature comes an intense love for animals. the only animal I can't back up are snakes.... I could care less if all of them die today. sorry...

17) I LOVE eating healthy. If I had an extra year at Miami, I would have finished my minor in nutrition to a major. I feel very confident in my nutrition coaching and knowledge and love love LOVE inspiring others to eat to fuel your body and mind.

18) My favorite foods are pizza, peanut butter, kale, and oysters. stir together. just kidding. very, very separate.

19) My first job was a sales rep at Pac Sun! That's pretty much all I wore in high school, Pac Sun or Hollister.

20) I started practicing yoga 6 years ago and since then, I practice 2-3 times a week. I get asked a lot if I will someday become certified to teach, and I dont think I will. I want to keep yoga a passionate personal experience and not turn it in to a job. But maybe I will change my mind someday.

21) My favorite color is black.

22) I broke my wrist running.....twice. I broke my nose on the monkey bars. I broke my arm saving kids in a wagon going down a hill. And broke my finger playing basketball.

23) I haven't eaten McDonalds in at least 8 years.

24) I was voted most fashionable in high school and I love shopping. I can't deny it.

25) I live in Michigan now!

26)I have been personal training for 3.5 years now and currently train full time at Equinox, in Bloomfield Hills Michigan!

I hope you find joy in reading these blog posts as I plan to use this platform to post fun recipes and workouts, my travels, healthy eats and finds, and so much more.

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