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Change is in this crisp, fall air


This is either an exciting or an absolutely terrifying word for Type A people. At least for me, change has to be "the word" to describe 2020.

My place of employment shut their doors in March. Rightfully so, as COVID-19 was rising at a rapid rate and Michigans numbers were sky-rocketing. Places needed to close to create plans to keep everyone safe, and in a weird way, come together despite everyone being quarantined.

I didn't quite understand the severity to be honest. Not until my fiancee started hiding the car keys from me and told me Diabetics were at higher risk to have complications. There are many many many risk factors out there, but Diabetes is something I cannot control. As our Gov. was holding back to re-open ANYTHING... I started to get anxious. The thought of going back to work started to be more of a fear than a want.

Fast forward to mid- summer, I worked my ass off. I virtually trained and am proud to say I had about 50-60% of my clients training through LIFT (a virtual platform offered through the gym I worked at). I kept in constant communication with the clients of mine that held back, sending them emails with recipes to try or outdoor movement goals to complete. I had many clients decide to not even return to the gym or try training with me. Fear of COVID-19 struck people in so many ways. However, the ones who tried virtual training started seeing results...from home. That is where tides started to turn.

I began asking my gym clients about their family, friends, and others seeking a trainer. Quickly, I was looking at 8 -10 hour days again by training people in New York, California, and Chicago. Family members started telling others of the amazing results they've seen; that they not only can see the definition in their muscle but many clients LOST weight through this pandemic! Right before my eyes, I see these amazing people looking their best yet. My clients are moving outside more and are regenerating without the added stress of time.

These amazing acts were still not enough for me to make my decision on whether to commit to returning to a gym or venturing off on my own. There were many fears that I had to conquer in making my decision to not return to the gym that I had formed my career at. One large deciding factor was if I were to go back to being a full time trainer at my previous employer, I would have to let go of my amazing virtual clients that are scattered across the country. The truth is, working in a gym setting requires 100% dedication and I likely would not have had time to commit to my outside clients. It was heart-breaking for me to think about. How am I going to give 100% of my time to a gym, when I am nervous to even walk into one?

But, one night at a yoga class, my instructor began quoting Maya Angelou.

" You are only free when you realize you belong no place- you belong every place- no place at all. The price is high. The reward is great". - Maya Angelou.

This was my answer. I need to expand and grow. I don't just belong in one single place. It may mean giving up on a LOT of opportunity, but my potential to grow outweighed that.

So, I am officially launching Fit And Fearless training. Since leaving my gym job, I've grown EVEN more by having a home-gym growing my client base. Virtual sessions are amazing and each day I get to talk about nutrition while teaching fitness in the comfort of everyone's home.

I am LIVING life to the fullest now more than ever! GRATEFUL is probably a better word to describe 2020. Change comes in second.

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