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How To Run (Or Walk) Every Day For An Entire Month

I am very excited to announce FIT + FEARLESS hosting "A MILE A DAY CHALLENGE" this December! The goal behind this challenge is to complete one mile every day for an entire month. Not only is it a time commitment; I am asking you to do this during the busiest time of year. You can run, walk, jog, or go up and down your stairs. I need you to move consistently one mile each day. It will require you to prioritize yourself and put your best foot forward!

There are a few reasons I created this challenge:

  1. people think they need a gym or equipment to move

  2. many underestimate the power of walking

  3. people veer away from challenges because they don't think they can do it. Isn't that what makes it a challenge?

  4. most people can walk, if not jog or run. I am saying most because I do realize their are circumstances where this is not possible

My biggest pet peeve is reason #3. I have had so many people tell me "well, I won't be able to because..". There reason persists "I am traveling a lot", "it's the holidays", "I work early mornings", "the weather is cold".

It wouldn't be a challenge if it didn't test you. I actually want you to be in the situation where you say, "should I...". I want you to overcome trials. I want you to be in a time-crunch and chose your movement goals. I want you to prioritize your health. I want you to get up off the warm couch and bundle up. I want you to be tested.

What doesn't challenge you doesn't change you.

I'll say that again...


I have created a list of ten ways to accomplish walking every single day in the month of December. If you find yourself having trouble committing, read through this list to help solidify your choice to move this month.


It's similar to committing to a race; you pay the fee, buy the gear, train for 12 weeks... When the race weekend rolls around, you begin to ask yourself questions like:

"Am I ready?"

"Did I train enough?"

"Should I defer?"

"I had a bad run yesterday, how am I going to run double the mileage this weekend?"

Commitment is a choice. You chose to be here. You chose to train for 12 weeks. You chose to lace up on the coldest days or the rainiest evenings.

Committing is telling yourself no matter what trials lie ahead, you will do it.

Commit to a challenge this December and decide that,





Now, sign up. Commit to your health goals and take the leap.

#2 Carve out 20 minutes of your day and schedule it

It takes roughly 20 minutes for the average Joe to walk a mile. Obviously, running a mile will take less time. Look at your work schedule and social life; decide on a time you can stick to every single day. This may be the most challenging part for some! This may require waking up earlier than you'd like; or staying out later than your use to. If 8pm is the only "free" time you have, commit to 31 days of 8pm walks. If you go running on weekends at 9 am because you work during the week; set your alarm 30 minutes earlier for 31 days. Get your run in before the day starts. Commit to this plan and don't allow other obligations to interfere.

#3 Prepare the day before

Everyone talks about morning routines like it's the next best thing since sliced bread. However, I believe nighttime routines serve as the butter to your bread. Nighttime routines set you up for success for the next day; it's like shoveling your driveway the night before so you don't have double the snow to do in the morning. Part of your nighttime routine currently may include brushing your teeth, letting the dogs out, having water at your bedside table.. etc. Now it's time to incorporate your new goal into your nighttime routine. Here are some successful steps that can help make mornings easier:

  1. set your clothes out the night before. Don't forget socks, hair tie, or cold weather gear like gloves. This will take searching for these items out of the picture.

  2. Ensure that you have water / and coffee ready so you don't need to brew it in the morning. Setting a clock for the coffee maker to brew is a great way to solve this problem.

  3. Make sure your post-run nutrition is ready. I like to drink protein shakes; easy ways to do this would be put all the ingredients in a plastic bag in the freezer. After your run, empty the bag with some liquid into a blender and you're ready to go! Other easy meal prep items would include hard boiled eggs, apples, or homemade protein balls.

  4. Check the weather. Nothing is worse than getting all geared up and finding out its thunder storming! Have your back up plan ready and leave enough time to drive to your local gym in case of inclement weather.

  5. Have a "family plan"; if you're a new mother, ensure that childcare is going to be taken care of the night before! You won't want to worry about the details in the morning.

#4 Fuel yourself

One of the best parts about running in the morning is knowing you're going to really enjoy that post-workout meal! I plan my meal the night before based on the amount of time I have in the morning. For instance..

If I am rushing out the door, I grab a pre-created "smoothie bag" from the freezer to toss in the blender. All I need to do is add water or milk and I'm out the door!

If I have a bit more time, I fuel with a protein and carb. One of my favorite go-to breakfasts is 2 sunny side up eggs on rice cakes.

If I want something a bit more heartier, maybe after a long run, I'll go for a scrambled egg potato bowl. Boil a few baby potatoes and cook up 2 eggs, toss in a bowl with your favorite veggie and salsa. It's a great, filling breakfast!

A post-long run breakfast favorite!

#5 Find a workout buddy

This is a great way to stay committed to a challenge...find someone who will do it with you! I love going on walks with friends. After long friendly conversations, you'll be shocked at how much ground you covered!

#6 Look for walking paths or running trails while traveling

I don't accept traveling to hinder my goals. From day one, I've always loved working out while on vacation. I believe vacation is a time to relax and feel your absolute best; that's just what working out does for me!

If you're going somewhere warm this holiday season, what better time to join this challenge. This will encourage you to walk on trails you might just glance over if not utilized. If you're going somewhere cold, say a ski trip, snow shoeing is a great form of exercise that would be challenging but fun!

#7 Go on a family walk on actual holidays

I love ending thanksgiving day, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day with a long neighborhood walk. It helps my food settle, allows the family to get out of the house, and has become tradition! Encourage a family member to step outside with you for your mile walk on one of your major holidays. They might be grateful that you asked too!

#8 Don't give up because you're tired

This is more of a "rule" rather than a tip. When you feel a lack of motivation to do the same walk every day for 31 days.... don't give up. Find out why you are feeling de-motivated. Should you change up the scenery? Should you listen to a podcast rather than music? Are you tired from staying up later at social gatherings? With commitments, you must work through these trials to stay on course. Do your best to figure out why you're feeling static and change to stay on course.

#9 Find a back up plan for bad weather

Many of my clients prefer to run outside, but have the option to hop to their local gym if bad weather incurs. This month, look for multiple options to ensure you can get your mile in.

A great hack for walkers; mall walk! But I don't just mean dilly-dally the stores at the mall and reach a mile. Nope, I want you to get dressed in your walking gear, set your watch, and "walk with purpose" until you've reached your mile. Many malls have clubs that do this before operating hours. Look into these options and join to help motivate your movement!

#10 Remind yourself of your why + create your mantra

I love mantras. They remind you why you are here. Without a strong mantra, how will you recognize your hard work or move past "sticky" points?

My mantra is "I can do hard things". This mantra reminds me that no matter how hard something is thrown at me, I can do it. For this challenge, I'll be reminding myself "I can do hard things" when I want to run in the snowy climate. That is not an easy task! But my mantra sticks in my head and propels me to do it.

Do you think you can run or walk one mile every day in December?

Join the challenge! A Mile A Day starts in 6 days. Your goal is to walk or run one mile every day in December. By logging your miles on the calendar provided, you will be in the raffle to win prizes along the way!

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