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The In's and Out's for 2024

As a fitness professional, I have seen my fair share of New Years resolutions. Although many trainers roll their eyes at the thought of gyms being crowded for the next three weeks, I've always loved the idea of hope for a better you. That's why I tell my clients and peers, it's not "new year, new you"... it should be, "new year, BETTER you". We always have the opportunity to be better and each year comes the reminder that you are still able to do more. Personally, I feel like the new year allows me to re-establish who I am and who I want to be.

A new trend I see on social media are the "in's" and "out's" for the upcoming year. Basically, what do you need more of and what do you need less of? I like this trend because instead of the baseline resolution, these give actionable thoughts that can lead us to our goal.

Let me give you an example:

This year, I want to do three half marathons. That is one more half marathon within a calendar year that my body is not used to. So, an "in" for 2024 might say something like, "More truly easy runs" and "Less push-yourself-to-the-limit runs". This goal would help take care of my joints, lower risk of injury, and overall find joy in running because I'll be less fatigued.

I have collected the IN's and OUT's for 2024, Fit + Fearless style. This is a compilation of my 10 years as a personal trainer, a run coach, nutrition coach and yogi. Someone that has trained multiple clientele types and is confident in what has worked and what does not.

So without further a do, here are the,


IN: DEEPER PURPOSE IN MOVEMENT SELECTION (outside of weight loss goals)

One thing that I find myself explaining to my clients is the why behind what we are doing. About 75% of my clients are lifting weights to lose body fat and build a better physique. None of them have goals that sound like, "better balance", "keep up with my kids", or even "lower my cholesterol". But when I learn about their life, many times there are physical needs that aren't being met due to their fitness level. So, for my travelers I add in exercises like farmer's carries, so they have no issue picking up and manipulating their luggage. For my 60+ clients, I do a ton of single leg balancing exercises to better their balance and decrease risk of falling. For my new moms, we practice core work on the floor to strengthen their pelvic floor. This helps them feel confident in rolling around on the ground while maintaining their core strength.

In 2024, let's move with intention and a greater purpose. Practice yoga to preserve balance as we age, hike to get outside in natures' elements for mental health, and prioritize the time for therapy exercises to finally get rid of that lingering pain.


I know, I just said most of my clients are weight-loss driven. So, following macros is the number one thing that will give them results. However, I am not going to ever promote food that's packaged with artificial ingredients and preservatives over an avocado, no matter how much protein was added or fat taken from it. I believe that eating whole, real foods gives our bodies nutrients that leave us feeling full, satisfied, full of vitality and is naturally low calorie.

In 2024, let's shift gears to eating for health and not just the lowest calorie item possible. You will still physical results and with the benefit of better digestion, sleep, blood sugar regulation and cognitive function.


I am probably going to get back-lash on the no-er's reading this. But hey, I am a personal trainer and my job is to push limits. I feel like 2020 til present, our society has gotten too good at saying no to things and it has actually impacted how open we are to new ideas. Saying no to social settings with people who are different than you does nothing to expand your vision. Saying no to a commitment does nothing to teach you how to honor. Saying no to the hard stuff is making you weak. Saying no to situations outside of your comfort zones has created distance. Saying no to more responsibility has neglected you from opportunity.

I am tired of the no-er's because we need yeser's. We need green lights in this world to move forward, work hard, push limits and get shit done.

In 2024, stop saying no so damn much. (but remember, balance :))


Gone are the days of embarrassment when ordering a salad! If you consider yourself a health nut, are a trainer or professional, or just want to be an example to your family.. now is the time to show others how you do it. I have had family members and friends come to me with health concerns that they can control through nutrition and fitness. Now is the moment I step up to the plate and say NO to dessert. Now is the time I ask, "Do you want to go on a walk together in the morning?". Now is the time I stock my fridge with only snacks of whole nutritious foods. It's not about being "not fun". But how many days a week will one choose the carb rich, high sugar foods before they realize, it's actually not that fun, but leading to worse complications?

In 2024, lead by example and show others what it's like to lead a healthy lifestyle.


This one hits home for me personally in so many ways. This year, I made a commitment to open up about my diabetes and the struggles of every day life. I have shared my "day in the life of a diabetic" on instagram many times now, and have found so many acquaintances who are also diabetic. And let me tell you... how freeing this feeling is. To feel alone and different is a feeling I can't fully explain over words; but to know that I actually know others who have diabetes and struggle too, makes my world feel more full. I've opened up about my diabetes, my past eating disorder, and my SIBO journey... and so many of you have come to me with gratitude of opening up. You all are not alone either.

In 2024, let's share our story. I've never met a perfect person; so share your hardships, your struggles, your wins and your strengths. You could be the person someone needed to know is here too.


I am a big believer in spiritual wellness. I am a christian and have grown up with a strong faith; I don't attach this to how many times I attend church or sit down to pray. I put God before every decision I make and base my life choices around the most asked question, "what would Jesus do?". I've always loved the array of clients I've worked with and their spiritual journey, too. I have learned so much about Judaism, Buddhism, and through my yoga training, Hinduism. Those with a strong spiritual guidance are amongst the happiest clients I train. They are full of joy and hope for the future, they are the green-light go getters, and they are the ones moving the needle in their own physical health journey. Having a greater purpose outside of what God you believe in is one of the most important pieces of wellness, in my opinion.

In 2024, I urge you to dive deeper into your spiritual wellness.


A lot of my time is spent coaching my clients to start viewing movement as part of their lifestyle. I don't mean "exercise". I have always valued growing up with the culture of playing outside, going on walks after dinner, and snow days meant bundle up and hit the hills. Never once did my mom refer to these parts of our childhood as workouts. We now grow up in a time where almost every form of movement has to be recorded on our watch and deems it a goal to burn xx calories. With this mentality, it has actually slowed how much we move throughout the day. Picture yourself working out in the morning and having a full work day. If I asked you to go on a walk after dinner, would you think "No thank you, I already worked out today"? Walking is movement, but walking is also so much more than that. It helps aid in digestion, stimulates your cognition, allows you to step away from technology and connect with others, promotes uptake of vitamin d from the sun, etc etc etc.

In 2024, we're leaving behind counting every step as exercise.


We all love a good filter, but as both a creator and consumer, I value the real and raw view. Doctoring up every photo posted on instagram is simply creating a vision that isn't exactly true, and you're simply creating a false image for others to compare their moments to.

In 2024, let's post more real moments.


Resources can encompass so much, but I am specifically talking about opportunities or resources that make your goals attainable. We've gone through the years of the word "privileged" being thrown around and now we're seeing guilt created around those who have truly the opportunity to change their life or impact the world. For example; I have a client who has a goal of losing a bunch of weight. She has tried cutting calories and working out and has remained consistent for a very long time. She's seen results that have been slow, but she has not gained back any of the weight she's lost. This is a huge win and shows that consistency works. After a year of being consistent, she has considered Ozempic to speed up her weight loss. She has the opportunity to use a tool to help her get to her goals. She is not going to quit strength training or her whole foods diet, but now has another option that could truly change her life. Instead of demonizing this client for her choice to take a peptide, we should lift her up for continuing to work on herself as well as use resources and money to invest in her health.

In 2024, let's use the resources we have to change the world.


I don't think I am alone in this one. I've actually been a bit ahead of this trend for quite some time too; drinking in excess is so overrated. Now don't get me wrong, I love my red wine. But after 2 or 3 nights of enjoying drinks, I get sick of the thought of poisoning my liver continuously. Vacations and weekends don't need to be centered around alcohol consumption. I love the sober-curious movement and truly feel that dissociating weekends and alcohol will create a healthier approach when consuming it.

In 2024, we're staying sober more weekends than drinking.

That's a wrap on the IN's and OUT's of 2024!

What do you think? Are you going to explore any of these in's and toss any of these outs? Try making your own list of In's and Out's this year and stick true to more of what makes you a better person, and less of what does not.

Happy New Year!

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